Every girl supposedly right now is obssessed with crop tops. Well, nothing to brag but crop tops have always been in fashion and are still in vogue plus nobody can deny the fact that it’s everyone’s favourite trends and oh hello, its summer. What else can make you feel so light and comfortable if not for crop tops? And this crop top trend has really gotten into everyone’s wardrobe cause they just look so chick!

I don’t know about ya’all but, I never find my size and that perfect fit like its just made for us considering  how small I am lol yeah. And so I thought why not make one that actually fits me and with all the specifications i want?

And surprisingly, my idea wasn’t a bad one, trust me give it a go!

All of us can agree to the fact that we have a ton of old leggings piled up at the back of our closet which you never probably want to give up but also never want to wear them. But for all you, who’ve thrown away your old leggings start regretting. I think this is the most simple way to fashion from trash and it hardly takes around 10 mins.

All we need is;

1) scissors  2) chalk  3) leggings of course.

Step 1: Take out all those crumbled leggings from the back of your closet whichever the color it maybe.

Step 2: Take a chalk and mark the desired neck on the part of the leggings which goes under and between your thighs like in the above picture. Any neck you want. Here I’ve done a simple round neck and a simple V-neck.

Step 3: Cut out the marked part with a pair of scissors like done in the above picture.

Step 4: You can also cut out the type of sleeves you want in the bottom part of the legs of your leggings. Here, I’ve cut out fringes.

And its done! Didn’t I say? It’s just this simple. I’ve tried on more patterns and paired it with very comfy summer bottoms. Take a look.

Monday blues ft. summer DIY’s.

Never expected this idea would actually turn out to be this simple. I’m totally loving how this crop top I tried looks this good plus its blue so totally loving it.

If you cannot think of anything to wear for a summer date or you’ve ran out of clothes or you want your friends to go “woah that’s such a brilliant idea” just go for it! All you have to pair it with is just jeans and you are ready to go.


And of course, all you need is a little confidence to carry it and pull it off, then you’re all up to say ‘take me anywhere’ lol.

Its just not this, try different colours, different sleeves, different necks with different bottoms and slay everytime. I have some more ideas for ya’all. Hope its helps!

Summer perfects.

This is another cut I’ve tried with a different colour leggings. Here I tried the newest trend going on, Cold shoulders. Also some triangle sleeves to remove the whole idea of normal cut sleeves.

All I did for the cold shoulders is; follow the first 3 steps and then right next to the neck when still folded i cut two more pieces one on each side to make it a semi-circle. Then when unfolded its a nice cut circle on each shoulder.

I’m wearing palazzo pants which I think is the most comfortable piece of clothing to beat this summer heat. To pop it up, some statement neck piece without which also is just totally fine.

Bold and girly; Green!


I don’t know why but I don’t see many girls wanting to wear tube tops or tube dresses. But to be honest I think they are pretty awesome. They can be a very versatile part of our wardrobe. They’re perfect for wearing on a very casual basis, for a fun girls hangout, for a noon cocktail party or be it anything and will still not disappoint you when it comes to a more formal occasion. The only key to flaunt it right is style it properly and to be confident enough!

What makes an outfit confident enough to flaunt is the material. Ah, this dress is maybe the softest of the materials I’ve worn plus what makes it satisfying to wear this is its green in colour and any one shade of green is the trending colour in every season! So, this colour scheme of green bold staple makes it all the more trendy.

Coming to the outfit here, the material is a very soft satin kind of a thing which adds that silky touch to the dress. The background is green and very nature because maybe I thought the greenery would compliment the outfit and it did just right! The hair-do is literally nothing but just unkept with just a European twist curl clipped-up.

There is not much accessories worn here except for a green parted studded neckpiece stolen from my mother. A very darker shade of green with a touch of black neckpiece, worn as a hand bracelet. Too much can ruin a perfect outfit, specially when its very colour packed and with an already bold look,its best to leave it as it is.

Outfit from Liberent. Rent this Miley black dress on thier website:                                     


White: May it live longer and prosper

Maybe white is the only neutral colour everyone will be obssessed with over and over again all their life because agreed that it literally goes with anything and everything, suiting every skin colour and nobody can wear white wrong, duh!

Well, coming to the outfit here..its a white dress with floral multi-coloured prints, round necked and a tiny slit in the back bottom of the dress. The material is flowy and doesn’t really cause trouble while in the outfit plus its super comfortable,hah!

Coming to the hairdo- nothing much is done here except for a clean upright ponytail which actually gives that simple yet decent formal look to the whole outfit and added is a very light shade of pink bag just for that extra accessorizal element to the whole look!

And well well, if you want to enhance those curves you’ve got and work on that ultra sleek nightout look then this sleek body con dress is a must. Go on and rent this flirty dress on: and slay.

Until next time-                                                                                                                                                  SURABHI KEERTHI


Chiara Black and Golden dress.

Lovely quality and flattering fit makes this dress a number one for all great occasions! Elasticated details until the waist and a shimmering umberella kinda fit down the waist. The dress is fully lined with a nude underlay. This sophisticated off-shoulder number feels great and is an absolute party dress. Pair of high heels and a lot of enthusiasm is all you need to be the talk of the town!

Glinda green dress.

This glinda green dress is an absolute thank goodness dress. The length is halfway between the knee and the ankle. The flowy material makes it look like there are a lot of pleats near the waist, adding an extra turqiosy dark green colored organza factor to the whole outfit. Paired with a golden steal belt and pleasurable heels, you can look all grown-up and professional. To rent this outfit click on:

Our collaboration with Liberent.




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Laser cut beige skirt.

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Beige, a pale sandy fawn color is practical, unchanging, loyal and never gets out of style.It can be played around with any variant of color ranging in any clothing category and never fails to satisfy! It can be paired casually with a pair of sneakers and a heavily contrasting top or  can always just switch to heels and some statement accesories for a complete semi-formal yet sassy look, just like how its done here. Simple curls can do the job for both these  complete opposite looks and catch attention.

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