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Hi you guys, how’s it going? Well, if you ask the same question to me I will say I’m feeling AWESOME. Firstly ’cause summer is over, secondly ’cause I have holidays going on. It’s study holidays but, who cares?

Anyway, I am mostly home and its been a long time since I posted a DIY, I thought I might just do something fun. My sister is really interested in painting and is good with colors and she suggested me that we do water color painting on a t-shirt. Yes, sounds funny but it was super fun doing it. All we needed was a plain white t-shirt, some water colors and paint brushes. Followed  are few pictures which guides you through the procedure if some of you didn’t get it.

. .

So all I did was take some water color in a paint brush and splatter it on the t-shirt and blend it with water and left it to dry for almost the whole day. Now this is not something you can wash and re-wear. I thought it would be fun doing this plus I like wearing colors! So if you have a never worn white t-shirt and some water colors at home now you know what to do. Following are some pictures of the look I created with this t-shirt. I also dutch braided my hair cause I think it just adds that whole hippy, unicorn, colorful, playful element to the look.

. . .

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