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Hi guys! Can you believe summer is almost coming to an end and we will sooner or later get used to wearing sweaters and beanies maybe not for the coldness but at least for a fashion statement, right? haha. What I cannot believe is that I’m going into the final exams of another semester and it feels like I just wrote my previous sem’s exam a week back. So I don’t think none of us will ever get enough of these holidays.

I haven’t been very active in creating content and writing posts on the blog though it was my this new year’s resolution. I was so caught up with college and extra curriculars that I genuinely didn’t find time for this. If you ask me what I do in the little free time I get.. well I will say, I am on the internet, probably reading articles or drooling over all the huge brand’s newest collections. And amidst this reading and drooling over brands is when I came across this website ‘Wooplr’. It is a platform that lets you create your own store and add outfits from various brands, promote and earn money from your store. They take of the product delivery, the customer guarantee and the returns. I didn’t see a reason why I shouldn’t have been a part of it. And so I created an account and added a few collections.

I bought a top from this website and talking about the quality provided, it is absolutely top notch. My friend had ordered a hoodie from my store once and after a day or two she recieved a message saying the product order has been cancelled as it didn’t meet the customer quality requirements. So, if this is not ‘meeting customer requirements’   , I don’t know what is. Scroll down for more information on the working of the website and more looks I’ve created.

Check out the collection on wooplr by clicking here:      https://theftrouble.wooplr.com

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Talking about the collection available on the website, it is amazing guys, amazing. They drop in new outfits and designs every hour on the website. They have trending categories, an option for you to post your own style and describe about it, tags starting from a beginners tag depending upon how much we earn, so many brands to choose from and an offer every now and then to get us motivated to shop. They provide cash on delivery services, debit and credit card purchases and let us relax back home while they take care of the delivery and returns. Also, they have contests happening very often which helps us earn more bonus, and helps us connect and promote among more people. Followed pictures is the look I created from another top picked up from my store. So what are you waiting for? check out the website, avail the offers and buy your heart out.              https://theftrouble.wooplr.com



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Thank you, until next time –

Surabhi Keerthi


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