My first trek ft. Nature walkers

Hello guys. First of all, Happy new year and hope you guys made some good resolutions this year and I have too, hoping to follow them and not get lazy again. One of my resolution is to make some time to create more content which I haven’t done in a long time. Of late I had been so busy and stressed with all my end-semester exams and my extra-curricular classes, I never got an ounce of time to create some content at all. I have so many things planned and so little time, well this is a student’s life, isn’t it? And in between all this busy schedules and the exciting things this new year has in bag for us, me and my friend decided to take some time off and get away for some adventure. I had come across this website called thrillophilia long back and I looked it up. The dates we wanted was not available as our college would start in no time and our parents suggested we go to someplace near since it was our first time. And a two day trek was the best option. We looked up treks within Karnataka and for our luck we got the date we wanted, we found the kodachadri trek package well suited, and yippee we booked! So we would start on the 26th of January and return on the 28th.

We were really excited, packed our bags and the day had arrived. We had pick up points at different locations in Bangalore and there were a total of 33 people on the journey including 3 guides. Started travelling at around 9 in the night we pit stopped for dinner and left to kodachari. The 3 guides who accompanied us were the most jovial people and kept us alive throughout the whole journey. We had a small ice breaker turn after turn on the way and we all finally slept awaiting for a long fun-filled trek the coming day.

We arrived the destination early in the morning, barely could open our eyes, freezing cold and got down the bus to a small confined very welcoming homestay where we would freshen up and spend the night too. The people running the homestay were localites who knew the place pretty darn well and sent in a local guide to join us. After a quick breakfast and another icebreaker round, we left, with bag packs, strangers, utmost excitement and a hell lot of energy! We walked through roads, dense forests, clumsy tracks and between the bushes with half our energy drained out, pit stopped at another beautiful shady place that served fulfilling buttermilk and refreshments. Take a glance at the pictures I managed to click while swarming in the forest and making amazing new friends.

On the motive to reach the peak by evening for a breath-taking sunset, we trekked through streams and stopped at a waterfall, so scenic. The water falls from a height of almost 200 ft, is what I remember. Everyone stepped into the water, trying to rejuvenate their teenage, was overwhelming!

Walking into the deeper depth of the green forest, stopping for more buttermilk and lemonades on the way, panting our way to make it to the top, we finally did it. Made it to the top only to realize we had another hill to win, another peak to be touched. We had our lunch mid-way at a government guest house, rested for about an hour and started off to conquer another hill. In between all the panting, trying to find network, none of us realized how close each of us became. We spoke about work, studies, Bangalore life, our hobbies and made it just in time to the peak, to witness the sunset and get back into our sweaters as the night was drawn on us.

Our return journeyfrom the peak guys, was a whole new experience. We couldn’t obviously trek back in the night and so we were filled into jeeps which accomodated 8 people maximum. A prolonged journey on extremely bumpy, barely even roads, trying to get a grip in all the tiredness, we reached back the homestay where dinner was served. I mentioned earlier about how our trek guides were jovial but forgot to mention, they never got tired! They grabbed everyone for some more entertainment, a night full of dumbcharades, singing and warming up ourselves from the cold night, we had reached the near end of our journey.

Night long singing and sleeping on the floors, trying to contain snores, we woke up to a completely foggy scenic forest view. A quick breakfast, saying good-bye to our homestay crew, a bundle of selfies and up for a small trek to the nagara fort, we left to travel back to our lives.

On the way back to Bangalore, still unusually packed with energy, everyone of us danced to probably a 100 songs, played the never ending dumbcharades, and felt like we knew each of us since we were kids. I cannot thank the guides and Nature walkers enough for letting my first trek experience be so memorable and entertaining. This getaway definitely helped me to truly relax and unwind. I hope you had a great time reading and looking at the pictures. And since this is my first travel post on the blog, I would love if you guys showed some love with comments and suggestions for more content! Thankyou, have an amazing week you all! You can visit the Nature walkers website by visiting thier website:

Until next time- Surabhi Keerthi

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