Its a wrap! (1/2)

We are in an era where we are accepting and adoring the past. From the old 80’s statement sleeves, to chockers, high-waist bottoms, belle-bottom pants, and crop tops. We are totally in awe in this blast from the past era and in a mission to explore more.

So this post can be called a random fix, ’cause days  back, my mother was cleaning things out from my wardrobe and planning on giving them away. That is when I spotted this sailor striped full arm t-shirt which maybe I wore just once, since the day I bought it. And I thought, why not wear it as a skirt? because there is no way I would wear a full arm t-shirt out in this Bangalore weather. And hence I would like to share how I did it in a snap with you guys. The things you need? (1) A full arm t-shirt. And its a wrap. LOL.

  • Firstly, wear your t-shirt as a skirt from where the neck actually goes.
  • Stretch out the sleeves and wrap them around and there you have it. A ‘chic’ skirt.

I chose sailor strips and bold colors. Paired it with a printed t-shirt from Reliance Trends ’cause when there is a war of colors going on, be a part of it. I’ve got a part-2 of this post coming up for a formal look. So scroll down and let me know if you liked it 🙂

. . .

Until next time   – Surabhi Keerthi


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