Being a college student I know the struggle of pairing clothes everyday in different ways to look better each day and trying not to repeat lol. But I tried something very simple and not much effort at all to make your very cliche piece of clothing look different each time. A White freaking shirt! Don’t we all have to thank god for white? the color which dominates every person’s wardrobe which never gets boring and something which makes everyone look good in. Phew, savior. Basically this post is about white shirt in 4 ‘my’ ways.

Look 1: A very usual tucked in white shirt giving that semi-formal look. Can also tuck the front half of the shirt in and leave the other front half loose. Makes a statement anyways cause white! duh!

Look 2: Let loose and care free basic look.

Look 3: Just knot it up in the front and work it around.

Look 4: Another way round, heh. So here I’ve worn the same white shirt the other way round and the peter pan collar totally gives it a different look, so simple, no effort yet so different.

Shirt: Veromoda

Shoes: Adidas Originals

Purple bag: People, Dull red bag: Bought in the States

Jeans: People India

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